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The Vox VT40X is not just another guitar amp. It's a comprehensive tool that offers guitarists a full palette of sounds and tones. From the clarity of high tones to the depth of lows, this amp ensures that every note you play resonates with precision and quality. Featuring a brand new modelling engine, VT20X produces one of the most accurate and realistic amplifier sounds to date. It also features a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp that incorporates authentic analog circuitry to achieve the subtle tonal adjustments and capture the nuances that are distinctive of vacuum tube amps

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Stunning sound quality

The incredible sound quality you'll experience with the VT40X is driven by VET (Virtual Elements Technology). Instead of simply imitating the final output of the original amplifier, VET dives deeper, modelling right down to the intricate details of components and circuits. This way, VET faithfully mirrors the distinctive features of the original amp in its most authentic form.

Multi-stage tube amp

The Vox Valvetronix series artfully marries state-of-the-art digital technology with timeless analogue circuitry, integrating authentic vacuum tubes into the structure. Models like VT20X and VT40X utilise a Valvetronix preamp within their multi-stage amplification circuit. This circuit faithfully mirrors the unique distortion, swift response, and tonal characteristics that are exclusive to classic tube amps and simply cannot be duplicated by digital technology in isolation.

Analogue and digital in perfect harmony

This amplifier incorporates a genuine analogue circuit that works in unison with a high-performance digital power amp. The tonal variances between class A and AB, the influence of bias values on the tone, and the changes in dynamic response of the vacuum tubes are authentically mirrored by this genuine analogue circuit. All these parameters can be fine-tuned to suit your preferences, affording you the opportunity to truly personalise the tone and response of your amp.

High-performance DSP

The upgraded capabilities of the DSP has significantly enhanced the sound quality of each amp model. Our use of highly advanced DSP has led to remarkable improvements, not only in the sampling rate and the audio output of each amp model, but also in the quality of the effects that form the core of sound shaping.

Innovative design

The blend of a meticulously sealed chassis along with a unique bass-reflex design ensures the efficient delivery of potent sound and a profound low-end, without generating any undesirable resonances. These amplifiers are capable of producing a sound of immense magnitude, significantly surpassing their physical size.

Fine tune with Tone Room software

The Tone Room editor/librarian software is designed for use with the VT20X and VT40X. Beyond conventional amp and effect editing, this software allows you to tweak parameters in such depth that it's akin to crafting your very own musical instrument. Once you've successfully transformed your ideal sound into reality, you can save up to three of your customised amps/effects within the amp. Besides Windows and Mac versions, Tone Room is also available for iOS, offering you the flexibility to edit on almost any device.

Up to 20 true-to-life amp models

The intricate modelling technology, a legacy of the Valvetronix series, provides an exhaustive range of varied amp sounds. With 11 amp models (extended to 20 types when using the editor/librarian software), you can recreate the sound of some of the most coveted tube amps amongst guitarists, encompassing elusive vintage amps and high-end boutique amps. Models of the newest high-gain amps are also incorporated, delivering the versatility you require for a spectrum of playing styles and genres.

On-board effects

Effects are pivotal in moulding your sound. The VT20X and VT40X offer four distortion and dynamics effects for placement before the amp stage, four spatial-type effects such as flanger and delay, and four reverbs, totalling to 12 in-built effects. Alongside Noise Reduction, you can employ up to four effects concurrently. Furthermore, each effect comes with multiple parameters, offering you the liberty to instantly achieve your desired sound. A handy tap switch is also included, facilitating easy setting of delay time or modulation speed.

Up to 30 presets

The 33 preset programs (which expand to 60 when using the editor/librarian software) fully harness the capabilities of the VT20X and VT40X. Among these presets, you'll find several signature sounds of illustrious guitarists, allowing you to instantly invoke the iconic guitar tones from your favourite songs. Naturally, you're free to edit these programs according to your taste and store up to eight of your personal sounds.

Optional footswitch

The optional VFS5 foot switch gives you the added convenience of not just switching programs, but also toggling each effect on or off, and adjusting speed/tap settings with a simple foot press. This feature provides a distinct edge when shaping your sound or performing live.