VX Series

Discover the VX Series, Vox's premium blend of tradition and technology. Perfect for every musician, these modeling solid-state amps span genres from folk to metal. With versatile wattage options for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, they boast cutting-edge VET technology. Experience classic effects, legendary amp tones, and unparalleled sound quality through custom Vox speakers. Jam effortlessly, jam with VX.

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Vox VX15 Combo Guitar Amp 1
VX15 GT Guitar Amp Sale price£149.00
Vox VX50 Keyboard Amp 1
VX50-KB Keyboard Amp Sale price£249.00
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Vox VX50 Nutube Amp 1
VX50-GTV Guitar Amp Sale price£229.00 Regular price£249.00
Vox VX50 Combo Bass Amp 1
VX50-BA Bass Amp Sale price£249.00
Vox VX50 Combo Acoustic Guitar Amp 1
VX50-AG Acoustic Guitar Amp Sale price£269.00