Digital Amps

Mini Go

Compact, portable amps with a versatile sound palette. With comprehensive amp models, these lightweight amps can run on mobile batteries and are ideal for playing anywhere, from home to street to stage.

Valvetronix series

Valvetronix amps combine cutting-edge modelling technology with a distinctive Valve Reactor circuit. They utilise Virtual Element Technology and a multi-stage tube preamp to deliver unmatched sound fidelity.

MV50 heads

Barely larger than a stompbox and boasting a tremendous 50 Watts of power, MV50 heads produce serious guitar tone that rivals the sound of your fourive valve amp.

Mini SuperBeetle stacks

Mini Superbeetle amps blend '60s aesthetics with cutting-edge technology for incredible tone. Compact yet potent, they come with the signature chrome stand and classic Vox style.

VX series

VX series are modelling solid-state amps suited for everything from folk to metal. Equipped with VET technology and custom Vox speakers, these amps provide a broad spectrum of iconic tones and effects.

Cambridge 50

The Vox Cambridge50 is a versatile 50W amp, blending VET technology, Nutube-driven distortion, and a 12-inch open-back speaker for a well-rounded, authentic sound.