Practice amps

Pathfinder amps

With options for both guitar and bass, those instantly recognisable, warm British sounds and iconic looks you’ve come to expect from Vox are alive and well in the compact, 10-Watt Pathfinder combo amps.


Headphone amps offering three modes and multi-effect functionality. With a 180-degree rotating foldable plug and auto power-off, it enhances both convenience and user-friendliness.

VGH Headphones

The VGH Series is a headphone guitar/bass amp that brings you the amp experience just by plugging in to your guitar or bass guitar. When the headphone power is turned off, they're standard headphones!

VX series

VX series are modelling solid-state amps suited for everything from folk to metal. Equipped with VET technology and custom Vox speakers, these amps provide a broad spectrum of iconic tones and effects.

Mini SuperBeetle

Compact yet potent these blend '60s iconic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology for a stunning tone. Coming with the signature chrome stand and classic Vox style, they are a stylish addition to any guitarist's home

Adio Air

Stylish, lightweight and Bluetooth enabled portable guitar and bass amps, ideal for practice or performance on the go.