amPlug3 US Silver

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Experience the classic American sound with the amPlug3 US Silver, emulating legendary US combo amps. Channel 1's warm, clean tones are ideal for jazz, blues, and acoustic styles, while Channel 2 adds a rich, smooth drive. The US Silver features authentic sound replication, thanks to enhanced analogue circuitry, and includes effects like Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb. This amp is perfect for musicians who seek soulful, clean American tones and a touch of sophisticated drive in their practice sessions.

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The amPlug3 US Silver is your ticket to the heartland of American music. Channel 1 of this remarkable device bathes your playing in a warm, clean tone that's as smooth as it is soulful – perfect for jazz riffs, blues licks, or just gentle strumming. Then there's Channel 2, where things get a bit more adventurous with a rich, smooth drive sound that adds a layer of sophistication and depth to your playing, ideal for genres that thrive on subtlety and nuance.

Key features

  • Captures the essence of US combo amps with warm clean tone on CH1 and rich drive sound on CH2.
  • Precise analogue circuitry for authentic sound replication of iconic American amps.
  • Integrated effects like Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb for creative sound shaping.
  • Variety of rhythm patterns including Jazz, Disco, and Pop to suit different playing styles.
  • AUX input for easy play-along and recording functionality.
  • Compact, stylish design, making it a versatile practice tool.

This isn't just an emulation; it's a celebration of the legendary US combo amp sound. The advanced analogue circuitry in the US Silver model captures the essence of these iconic amps, delivering a sound that's both rich and responsive. The addition of effects like Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb opens up a new realm of possibilities, allowing you to tailor your sound to your heart's content.

The amPlug3 US Silver also comes with a diverse array of rhythm patterns, turning every practice session into an exploration of musical styles. Whether you’re grooving to Jazz or getting down with Disco, these rhythms add a new dimension to your playing. And with the AUX input, you can jam along with your favourite tracks or even record directly onto your devices. The US Silver model is more than just a practice tool; it's a portal to a world of sound, encapsulating the spirit of American guitar playing in a compact, portable headphone amp.