amPlug3 Modern Bass

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Experience cutting-edge bass sound with the amPlug3 Modern Bass. Channel 1 offers clear, contemporary tones for modern styles, while Channel 2 adds an edgy high-gain distortion, perfect for aggressive playing. The amp features enhanced circuitry and built-in effects, catering to a range of styles from funk to metal. Ideal for bassists who seek a modern, assertive sound, the Modern Bass amPlug3 brings contemporary and aggressive bass tones right to your practice sessions.

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For the bassist who demands cutting edge in tone and technology, the Vox amPlug3 Modern Bass is the perfect choice. Channel 1 offers a crystal-clear contemporary bass sound, ideal for modern playing styles that require definition and clarity. Channel 2 takes it up a notch with an edgy, high-gain distortion that's perfect for when your playing needs an extra dose of attitude. 

Key features

  • Modern bass amp sound with clear, bright tone on channel 1 and high-gain distortion on channel 2.
  • Enhanced circuitry for accurate emulation of contemporary bass amp tones.
  • Integrated effects for creative bass sound shaping.
  • Diverse rhythm patterns from Fusion to Metal, tailored for modern bass styles.
  • AUX input for convenient jamming and recording options.
  • Sleek, portable design ideal for the modern bassist on the move. 

The amPlug3 Modern Bass is all about bringing the latest in bass amp technology to a portable format. Its enhanced circuitry delivers a sound that’s not just modern, but also rich, detailed, and incredibly responsive to your touch. With built-in effects tailored for bass, including Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, you have the tools to shape your sound for any scenario.

Rhythm is at the heart of great bass playing, and the amPlug3 Modern Bass delivers with a range of patterns that cover everything from Fusion to Metal. These rhythms aren’t just backing tracks; they’re a way to explore new styles and perfect your timing in an enjoyable, practical way. The AUX input lets you jam along with your favourite songs, adding another layer to your practice sessions. Compact, stylish, and brimming with features, the amPlug3 Modern Bass is for the bassist who refuses to compromise on tone, no matter where they are.