amPlug3 High Gain

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Push the limits with the amPlug3 High Gain, designed for lovers of modern, aggressive guitar sounds. Channel 1 provides crystal-clear tones, setting a clean stage for your music, while Channel 2 brings in sharp, high-gain distortion for a bold statement. The amp features enhanced analogue circuitry and built-in effects, including Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, perfect for crafting expansive soundscapes. Ideal for guitarists who crave high-energy, powerful tones and the thrill of modern high-gain amps.

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For those who like their music loud and proud, the amPlug3 High Gain is your sonic weapon of choice. Channel 1 offers a crystal-clear tone that's pristine and uncoloured, perfect for styles that demand clarity and precision. But when it’s time to turn up the heat, Channel 2 unleashes a ferocious high-gain distortion that's sharp, aggressive, and unapologetically modern.

Key features

  • Delivers modern high-gain amp sounds with pristine clean on CH1 and aggressive distortion on CH2.
  • Advanced circuitry for detailed reproduction of contemporary high-gain tones.
  • Built-in effects including Chorus, Delay, and Reverb to enhance and diversify your sound.
  • Various rhythm patterns, from Metal to Blues, for a versatile practice experience.
  • AUX input for playing along with tracks and easy recording.
  • Compact and robust design for convenient, high-quality practice sessions.

This model is a testament to Vox's commitment to capturing the essence of modern high-gain amps. Its enhanced analogue circuitry delivers a sound that's not only powerful but also nuanced, allowing every subtlety of your playing to shine through. And with effects like Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, you can add layers to your sound, creating a sonic landscape that’s as vast as your imagination.

The High Gain model is more than just an amp – it's a full-blown practice suite. Its array of rhythm patterns, ranging from Metal to Pop, Blues to Jazz, turns practice into a dynamic and engaging experience. Plug in your smartphone to play along with your favourite tracks, or connect to a recording device and lay down your own tracks. Compact, versatile, and bursting with energy, the amPlug3 High Gain is for those who aren’t afraid to stand out.