amPlug3 Boutique

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Dive into the world of high-end sound with the amPlug3 Boutique. This model offers the pristine clean tones and bright overdrives of one of the most famous boutique amps ever made. Channel 1 produces a silky clean sound, blending classic and modern vibes, while Channel 2 offers a luminous overdrive. Its sophisticated analogue circuitry and built-in effects like Chorus, Delay, and Reverb allow for creative sound sculpting. Ideal for discerning guitarists who seek a blend of classic clarity and contemporary edge in their tones.

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The Vox amPlug3 Boutique is where classic meets contemporary. Channel 1 delivers a silky, clean tone that's as smooth as velvet – a perfect homage to one of the most famous boutique amps revered for their clarity and depth. Then, with a flick of a switch, Channel 2 brings in a bright, vibrant overdrive that adds a modern edge to your sound, making it as versatile as it is enchanting. 

Key features

  • Recreates the sound of boutique amps with clean tone on CH1 and bright overdrive on CH2.
  • Enhanced analogue circuitry for capturing the nuances of boutique tube amps.
  • Includes Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects for expansive sound customization.
  • A range of rhythm patterns from Rock to Funk, perfect for varied musical exploration.
  • AUX jack for integrating external audio and direct recording.
  • Portable and elegantly designed, reflecting the class of boutique amplifiers.

The Boutique model isn't just about recreating a sound; it's about capturing an experience. Its sophisticated analogue circuitry replicates the subtle nuances and rich harmonic textures of boutique amps, ensuring every chord and note you play is imbued with authenticity. The built-in Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects offer a palette for sonic experimentation, allowing you to shape your sound in endless ways.

But the Boutique model isn't just for solitary practice - it's a companion for exploration. With a variety of rhythm patterns from Rock to Pop, Jazz to Funk, it's like having a backing band at your fingertips. The AUX input lets you plug in your music player, transforming practice into play-along sessions, or plug into your recording setup to capture your creativity. Elegant in design and unmatched in quality, the amPlug3 Boutique is a tribute to the amps that have inspired musicians for decades, now available in a pocket-sized format.