amPlug3 Bass

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Elevate your bass practice with the amPlug3 Bass. This model delivers classic bass amp tones with a wide sound range on Channel 1, perfect for various genres, while Channel 2 offers a fat, punchy overdrive for more dynamic playing. The amp includes a compressor, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, providing a rich sonic experience. Ideal for bassists who seek studio-quality sound in their practice, offering versatility from smooth rhythms to driving bass lines.

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The Vox amPlug3 Bass is a game-changer for bassists seeking versatility and rich, authentic tones. Channel 1 faithfully delivers classic bass amp sounds, offering a broad sonic palette that's as suitable for soulful grooves as it is for driving rhythms. Channel 2 brings in a new dimension with its fat, punchy overdrive – perfect for genres where your bass needs to stand out. The amPlug3 Bass is not just about recreating an amp's sound; it's about capturing its soul. 

Key features

  • Classic bass amp tones with a wide range on channel 1 and punchy overdrive on channel 2.
  • Precision analogue circuitry tailored for authentic bass amp sound reproduction.
  • Built-in Compressor, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects for a full sonic experience.
  • Variety of rhythm patterns including Funk, Jazz, and Rock for bass practice.
  • AUX input for playing along with music and direct recording to devices.
  • Portable and durable, designed specifically for bass guitarists' practice needs.

What sets the amPlug3 Bass apart is its commitment to the true voice of the bass. Enhanced analogue circuitry ensures every nuance of your playing is captured and conveyed with depth and clarity. The built-in Compressor, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb effects open up a world of sonic possibilities, enabling you to tailor your sound to any style.

But great bass playing isn't just about tone; it's about timing and feel. That's where the diverse rhythm patterns come in, spanning genres from Rock and Jazz to Funk and Metal. Whether you’re laying down a smooth line or a funky slap, these rhythms turn every practice session into an engaging, dynamic experience. Add the ability to play along with your favourite tracks via the AUX input, and you’ve got a complete practice setup in your pocket.