amPlug3 AC30

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Play with the sound of one of the most iconic amps ever created with the Vox amPlug3. This compact headphone amplifier perfectly captures the Vox AC30's legendary warm, rich tones and iconic top boost. Channel 1 offers a timeless, harmonious sound, ideal for rhythm and blues, while Channel 2 adds clarity and bite, perfect for lead guitar. Enhanced analogue circuitry and built-in effects like Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb offer endless sonic possibilities. Ideal for '60s enthusiasts and modern players seeking the classic British sound.

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Capture the essence of the swinging '60s with the Vox amPlug3 AC30. This nifty device is your personal gateway to the golden era of British rock, delivering the legendary warmth and jangly top boost of the iconic Vox AC30 amplifier. Channel 1 wraps your sound in a warm, rich blanket of tone, ideal for everything from melancholic chords to rhythmic strumming. Flip to Channel 2, and you’re instantly transported to the classic top-boost sound, renowned for its bright, articulate, and cutting quality that defined a generation of music.

Key features

  • Dual Sound Channels: Channel 1 offers a timeless, warm tone, while Channel 2 delivers the iconic Vox top boost.
  • Enhanced Analogue Circuitry: Replicates the nuances of the classic Vox AC30 valve amp.
  • Integrated Effects: Enjoy built-in effects like Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb for versatile sound sculpting.
  • Rhythm Patterns: Choose from Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk, Metal, Jazz, and Metronome to enhance your practice.
  • Connectivity: Jam along with your favourite tracks using the AUX input or record directly onto your devices.
  • Portable Design: Elegant, amp-like appearance, perfect for practice anytime, anywhere.

Embedded within this tiny powerhouse is the spirit of the AC30. Enhanced analogue circuitry ensures that every note you play is infused with the authentic character and dynamic response of the original amp. The built-in effects – Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb – open up a world of sonic possibilities, from subtle atmospheric textures to expansive soundscapes.

Practising is more than just playing notes; it's about feeling the rhythm. The amPlug3 AC30 comes equipped with a diverse set of rhythm patterns, ranging from Rock to Jazz, making your practice sessions as dynamic as a live performance. Connect your smartphone to the AUX input, and play along with your favourite tracks, or capture your inspiration directly onto your recording device. With its compact design and amplifier-like appearance, the amPlug3 AC30 is more than just a practice tool; it's a piece of music history in your pocket. Embrace the spirit of British rock, anytime, anywhere.