AC30 Custom OneTwelve

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Initially developed in 1959 for players who needed more power, AC30 quickly became the go-to amplifier for professional players in the UK. Fast forward to today, and the Vox AC30S1 is a single channel flavour of a true British classic.

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Single channel

With the single top boost channel from the AC30C2, this amp puts that classic '60s British sound right to your fingertips. With its clear, bell-like tones, the AC30S1 can go from clean to a beefy overdrive when you dial up the gain, all thanks to its cool touch-responsive tech and four EL84 tubes.

An amp for modern musicians

While the AC30 is famed for its vintage vibes, the AC30S1 comes loaded with updates for today's musicians. Its built-in digital reverb offers that authentic spring reverb feel, rich with old-school charm.

The AC30S1's effects loop ensures your pedalboard setup integrates smoothly. And if you're into overdrive or distortion pedals, this amp's front end responds like a dream, making the AC30S1 a top-notch pedal buddy.

Don't be fooled by its 30W - if you're aiming for bigger soundscapes, just connect the AC30S1 to an extra cab using its external speaker output. Pop it into a 4x12, and you're set to rock the room!