AC10 Custom - Classic Vintage Red

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The Vox AC10 Custom CVR brings a classic yet fresh look to the iconic AC10 amp, now in a limited edition Classic Vintage Red. This vibrant finish adds a new dimension to the amp's traditional appearance, featuring the distinctive diamond fret cloth in black and gold threads and the renowned Vox rectangular logo badge.

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The Vox AC10 Custom CVR gives the classic AC10 amp a vibrant new twist, with a limited edition Classic Vintage Red finish. This striking finish breathes new life into the amp's traditional design, featuring the distinctive diamond fret cloth in black and gold threads, complemented by a rectangular Vox logo badge.

This AC10 Custom maintains the celebrated all-valve tone that Vox amps are known for, providing a rich and dynamic sound range that has made the AC10 a favourite among guitarists. With the inclusion of the Vox Top Boost tone, this amplifier offers unparalleled versatility, allowing players to effortlessly craft everything from crisp, clean sounds to rich, overdriven tones.

Embedded within its compact and robust frame, the AC10 Custom CVR is powered by 10 watts of valve-driven force, encapsulated through a full valve complement that includes 2 × 12AX7 preamp valves and 2 × EL84 power valves. This setup ensures the delivery of Vox's signature sound, enriched further by the precise control over gain and volume levels, which allows for the perfect blend of overdrive at varying volumes.

The amplifier also features dedicated bass and treble tone controls, enhancing its ability to adapt and refine the vast array of gain settings available. Coupled with a studio-quality reverb, the AC10 Custom CVR introduces an added dimension to your tone, providing tonal ambience without overwhelming the core sound.

The heart of its sonic output lies in the 1 × 10-inch Celestion VX10 speaker, selected for its superior tone projection and ability to capture the quintessential Vox ‘chimey’ tone. Moreover, an external speaker jack on the back panel opens up the possibility of connecting to another 16 ohm cabinet, effectively transforming the AC10C1 into an all-valve 10-watt head for those seeking to expand their sound.

Whether for home practice, recording sessions, small gigs, or just jamming with friends, the AC10 Custom CVR is the perfect choice for those who demand classic Vox sound and style in a visually stunning limited-edition package.