Mark III Mini Electric Guitar

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With iconic looks, effortless playability, and a classic tone, Mark III Mini guitars combine the sound and feel of a full-sized instrument in a compact format that’s unmistakably Vox. Available in three colours, they feature the same tuning and tension as a standard guitar, but with a 476mm scale.

Color: Loud Red
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With an iconic appearance, effortless playability, and a classic tone, the Mark III Mini electric guitar range combines the sound and feel of a full-sized instrument in a compact format that’s unmistakably Vox.

The Vox Mark IV “teardrop” guitar is a 1960s icon. A unique look, combined with two single-coil pickups for a distinctive bright tone, became the instantly recognisable choice of some of the biggest bands of the era. Now, the Mark III Mini reintroduces this classic sound and style in a guitar that’s small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Vox Mark III Mini models feature the same tuning and tension as a standard guitar, but with a 476mm scale. Heavy gauge strings and newly designed custom tuning pegs give the familiarity and playability of a full-sized guitar, while two single-coil pickups provide the deep lows and sparkling highs you expect from a Vox.

Available in a choice of three eye-catching colours, and sold complete with a custom carry case, Vox Mark III Mini electric guitars are the perfect chic sixties revival guitar for musicians at home and on the road.

Effortless playability

Thanks to heavy-gauge strings, a 42mm nut width, and a familiar tuning tension, the Mark III Mini offers the same playability as a standard-sized guitar, but with the advantages of a 476mm short-scale neck.

Smooth tuning

Mark III Mini guitars are easy to tune thanks to newly developed tuning pegs and an adjusted gear ratio matched to the short scale of the instrument. This means standard tuning (E1, B2, G3, D4, A5 and E6) is smooth and stable.

Classic and versatile Vox tone

Two single-coil pickups sit at the heart of Mark III Mini guitars for a rich dynamic range – perfect for that classic 1960s tone. A selector switch increases the versatility allowing you to hone your sound to suit a wide range of musical styles.

Three unique colours of Vox Mark III Mini guitars

Three unique colours

Mark III Mini guitars are available in three colours:

  • Marble – unique, energetic, and vivid tones set against a white base
  • Loud Red – eye-catching with a fiery bright presence
  • Aqua Green – fresh, smooth, and cool

Included and optional accessories

Mark III Mini guitars come with everything you would expect, including a custom carry case, neck adjustment and saddle adjustment wrenches.

A wide range of optional accessories are also available:

AmPlug 2 headphone amps provide the experience of playing through classic amplifiers! Simply connect to the Mark III Mini, plug in a set of headphones, and enjoy sizzling leads, bluesy warm, classic British crunch, boutique tones, or the classic AC30 top boost, without disturbing the neighbours.

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