Introducing the new Mark III Mini

Introducing the new Mark III Mini

Meet the latest addition to the Vox guitar range! With an iconic appearance, effortless playability, and a classic tone, the Mark III Mini electric guitar range combines the sound and feel of a full-sized instrument in a compact format that’s unmistakably Vox.

The Vox Mark IV “teardrop” guitar is a 1960s icon. A unique look, combined with two single-coil pickups for a distinctive bright tone, became the instantly recognisable choice of some of the biggest bands of the era. Now, the Mark III Mini reintroduces this classic sound and style in a guitar that’s small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Vox Mark III Mini models feature the same tuning and tension as a standard guitar, but with a 476mm scale. Heavy gauge strings and newly designed custom tuning pegs give the familiarity and playability of a full-sized guitar, while two single-coil pickups provide the deep lows and sparkling highs you expect from a Vox.

Available in a choice of three eye-catching colours, and sold complete with a custom carry case, Vox Mark III Mini electric guitars are the perfect chic sixties revival guitar for musicians at home and on the road.

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